Do you perform vow renewals?

Sure, why not? Who doesn't love reruns?

Where are you available to perform weddings?

I am based on Unguja. Weddings taking place on Pemba might incur additional travel charges.

What do you wear?

It is your day, so I will wear what you want me to. Standard attire is a suit and I can generally coordinate shirt/tie with basic color schemes. If you want a katanga attire or something more outré (or always wanted your Star Wars wedding to be performed by someone in a Chewbacca costume) that’s fine too but there might be extra costs if I need to obtain the appropriate apparel.

What do you charge?

Weddings are expensive. Zanzibar can be expensive. Luckily, I'm much more reasonable. So hire me and save your money for all those 700 thread count, off-eggshell white, hand-crafted, farm-fresh, free-range, antique table napkins that will really impress Aunt Edna. That, or a sweet safari honeymoon.

Please contact me via email or through the contact page of the website to discuss a quote.

Dave is an ordained reverend in the Universal Life Church and a wedding officiant registered with the Office of the City Clerk for the City of New York in the United States. 

He is also an Admiral in the Navy of Nebraska, an honorary Chief of Kwa-Kwa, Cameroon, a former professional mascot and occasionally a human rights lawyer. 

Over the last seven years as an officiant he has performed weddings in multiple states, four countries, two continents, one boat and even while dying of malaria. And he hasn't screwed up once!​​


How do we make it legal in Zanzibar?

Civil ceremonies, performed by Regional Commissioners, are the ONLY legally recognized weddings in Zanzibar.  All other wedding ceremonies - traditional, religious, secular, Star Wars - are not legally recognized. For that reason, the services Reverend Dave offers are purely pomp and circumstance. But what pomp and circumstance! You didn’t come all the way to Zanzibar to have your special moment in a rush at the Regional Commissioner’s office.  

 Most couples opt to supplement their beautiful ceremonial wedding on the beach with a short civil procedure for local government records. These ceremonies can happen at the Regional Commissioner's office or sometimes if it can be arranged to have the Commissioner and conduct it at the actual wedding venue. 

More information is available here.

What services are included (non-elopements)?

• Introductory consultation – Your ceremony is the most important part of your day (besides the inevitable drunken Electric Slide), so it is important you feel comfortable with the person performing it. For that reason your initial consultation in person or via phone or email is free. Ask questions, discuss options and see if I feel like the best option for you. If I’m not, I won’t take it personally and you aren’t out a dollar.

• Sample service ideas – If you do make the right choice and decide I am perfect for your wedding, the first step will be a packet with sample wedding services, reading and music suggestions to get you started thinking about what you want.

• Customization – We will then work together to build the exact service you want for your special day. You have total control over every word.

• Rehearsal – Practice makes perfect. My wedding package includes an optional short walk-through in advance of the big day to make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go.

• Wedding – Obviously. There would be little point to hiring me if services didn’t include actually performing the ceremony. I will arrive 45 minutes early to make sure everything Is perfect and ready to go.

Who I am

Zanzibar Reverend